Snow and Ice in DFW–A photo Essay

Feb 1, 2011 by

Wow, Old Man Winter showed up sometime in the middle of the night here in North Texas.   There’s now a sheet of ice on everything around here.

I was only out for a few minutes, the wind chill is about ZERO degrees, so I didn’t venture too far.

As you can see, the snow/ice/freezing rain mix fell and now has frozen to just a sheet.  Where cars sloshed threw, their tracks are now encased until it warms up.  Which is supposed to be Noon on Friday.  It’s Tuesday.

It’s gonna be a while before this grill gets some action again.

This is the kind of sliding we’re used to in North Texas.

Seriously,  I weigh more than I should and more than I want to. This is all of the shoeprint I could leave in the snow/ice mix.

This is a view of the railing outside on the porch.

Something else that won’t be needed for a little while.  The air conditioning compressor unit outside.

This morning DFW Airport has been closed for what was said to be the first time ever.   Love Field had issues, and even Dart rail in Dallas stopped running and they were converting to buses. And nearly every one of the 38 school districts in the Dallas Fort Worth area was closed, too.

Meanwhile in Arlington, Media Day goes on for the Super Bowl.

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Veronica Galaviz to Speak to Court Officers Thursday About Domestic Violence

Jan 26, 2011 by


Veronica Galaviz To Speak 1st Time Before Court Officers Since April 2010 Attack

DALLAS:  Veronica Galaviz, who has launched her own organization to raise awareness about the effects of domestic violence, Thursday will speak to members of the Dallas County Community Supervision and Corrections Department, during a noon luncheon. Dallas County Juvenile Probation Officers and officers from other surrounding counties will also be in attendance.

This will mark the first time she has spoken before court officers since nearly being murdered by her late-estranged husband who violated the terms of a protective order and broke into her house on April 21, 2010 and tried to kill her before setting the house on fire and killing himself.  While under the court’s protective order, Ms. Galaviz reported multiple violations to Rowlett Police, but they never would make an arrest.

The event will begin at 12 p.m. in the Great Room of Highland Park United Methodist Church, located at 3300 Mockingbird Lane in Dallas.

Ms. Galaviz has created her own organization,, and has become active in seeking changes in Texas laws, including support for San Antonio State Rep. Trey Martinez Fischer’s House Bill 100 designed to create a domestic violence computer database in Texas, much like the one used to track sex offenders proposed legislation to create a Domestic Violence Registry.

She also is supporting HB 825, that seeks to add stalking provisions to the awarding of a protective order.  The bill was introduced Monday by Dallas Rep. Rafael Anchia.

Veronica Galaviz

After surviving an attack in her Rowlett, Texas home on April 21, 2010 by her estranged husband, Veronica Galaviz now seeks to raise awareness about the dangers of domestic violence, increase victims’ rights, implement tougher enforcement of protective orders and sensitivity training for police officers who respond to domestic violence complaints, and offer educational grants to victims allowing them to obtain financial independence and freedom from their abusers.

Claxton Creative, LLC

Claxton Creative is a Dallas public relations firm focused on social impact, innovation and invention.  Owned by former political advisor and Dallas ISD spokesman Donald Claxton, the company specializes in social media and traditional mediums to market and brand products domestically and internationally.  The company provides PR services for brands, bloggers, businesses and school districts.


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