I have been intrigued with the science of video/photography since the late 1970s when my brothers and I attempted, without success, to process film we’d shot with a mixture of lemon juice and who knows what else in our bathroom. Upon graduating from high school several years later, my grandfather gets credit for giving me my first darkroom enlarger and helping me finally acquire the right chemicals to use for success.

Zelda, Almost Home, from June 2017, a short film imagining what would happen if the ghost of Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald returned to Montgomery, Alabama for one night. Where would she go?

Today I use Canon and Nikon cameras to shoot video and still photography, either in studio or on location.

Post production is done on Macs using the Adobe Creative Cloud suite, which I’ve become quite well-versed in using.

Video Production and Editing

Green Screen Video
Special Effects
Multi-Camera Editing
Audio Matching/Enhancement
Green Screen Production
Studio Production
Event Documentation
On-site Production

Tools Employed: Adobe Creative Cloud Premiere Pro, Audition, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Media Encoder, SpeedGrade, CINEMA 4D Lite, Canon 60D DSLR, Canon HD Video, Portable Green Screen, Fluorescent TV Studio Lighting, Handy H1 Audio Recorder, iPad Air, iPhone 6s Plus with 4K video



Studio Portraits

Tools Employed: Canon 60D DSLR, Nikon, Studio Light Kit, Green Screen, Background Screens, iPad Air, iPad 6s Plus


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